2017 Father's Day Favourites

Father's Day is approaching, and we know it can be hard to pick just the right gift to show dad you appreciate him. Getting the same thing year after year is easy but it doesn't say "Dad - you're special!" Here are our picks for the best pewter Father's Day gifts in town...

1. Steward's Mug

The Steward's Mug is an Aitkens classic. It's simple and handsome. Plus, the thick glass makes it easy to use for both morning coffee and an evening beer. The pewter base can easily be engraved - we'd recommend  "World's #1 Dad" but that position has been filled. The mug is $60 and engraving prices start at $5.

2. Desktop Chess Set

Though fully functional, this pewter chess set also makes a great decoration piece to call to mind those childhood hours spent learning the challenging strategy game. Reminisce, and make new memories, with this small but sturdy $75 set.

3. Strong & Free Belt Buckle

This sturdy buckle says it all: he's strong, he's free, he's Canadian. Canada-themed gifts are hot this year as we all prepare to celebrate Canada 150, so if you know he loves this country as much as we do, this $24 buckle is a steal.

4. Baseball Mitt Keytag

Who doesn't love a game of catch with dad? Though we have a wide selection of keytags (some of which can be engraved!), this is the one that stands out when we think of fathers. For only $18, it's a great quick gift or add-on to a larger package.

5. Celtic Round Letteropener

If your dad has an office job, this decorative yet functional letter opener will make a unique gift this year. At $40, it's an excellent mid-range gift.

6. Eternal Strength Pendant

We know a pendant might not be your first idea, but hear us out - it's a good one! Fatherhood requires strength, adaptability, and love. The unbroken line of a circular celtic knot can represent the unbreakable bond between parent and child, the cycle of passing traditions from generation to generation, and the flowing nature of water (which represents the flexibility required to roll with the flow of fatherhood). The sturdy adjustable cord gives this pendant a traditionally masculine look, and lets dad choose whether to show it off or keep it close to his heart. For $21, we know several dads who would love this one.

There you have it! Six great ideas for Father's Day gifts you can buy, made local in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Stop in or shop online, and let us know how much he loves his gifts!

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