Aitkens Pewter storefront with bright clean window displays

The last twelve months have brought a lot of changes to Aitkens Pewter.

We gave our front windows a much-needed makeover, and then let the excitement from that change inspire us to repaint our whole store.

Early summertime, we launched our redesigned website. It's crisper and more user-friendly than before. Plus, it's optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets!

We spent September celebrating 45 years of business, happy to look back on all the different ways our products have touched peoples' lives. It was exciting to hear about the gifts given and received over the years, and how much our pewter has meant to you.

In November, we tried a new tack for Black Friday and offered free shipping for the first time ever. It was excellent! It was so much fun, we think we'll have to do it again.

We introduced some charming new products this year. The Canada 150 celebration collection got a lot of attention, but it wouldn't be fair to go without mentioning the Cupid's Tree pendant, the Shell Beach votive holder, or the 2017 Annual Ornament. In fact, our annual ornament was really popular too. It marks the beginning of a new era of limited edition ornaments, where each piece has a unique serial number that belongs to just one collector. Numbering the ornaments was a fond tradition for over thirty years of Aitkens' history, and we're proud to bring it back.

Let's talk about that paint job

Our retail store was getting... boring. We wanted to bring it forward, freshen it up, and make it interesting again.

The majority of the store had been blue for years. And we like blue! Blue just seems to work with pewter. That's why it's one of our brand colours. But somehow, it just didn't work for the store any more.

So we spent the month of May tearing the store apart. We pulled everything off of every shelf and then we pulled the shelves down.

After a few weeks of hard work and an environment of total chaos, we were finished. The walls had changed from taupe to gray, and blue became white. We put everything back, mostly not where it had been before, and suddenly - it's like a new store in here!

Bright, fresh, clean, simple.

Customers and visitors have all commented. It feels big. It looks good.

And it's still Aitkens.

side by side comparison of the store's new paint


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