A woman smiles into the camera showing off her pewter jewelry. Wine pours into a pewter goblet beside a pewter bowl of fresh grapes. A woman looks into the distance wearing a pewter heart pendant. Caption "Show us your #aitkens45"


It was 1972 when Martin Aitken opened the doors on his first pewter shop. Aitkens Pewter has been a Fredericton fixture ever since. In the last 45 years, we have made hundreds of connections and thousands of sales across Eastern Canada and beyond. Aitkens Pewter has shipped to Halifax, Calgary, Montreal, and Chilliwack. Texas, New York, Florida, and Maine. Switzerland! Wales! And now... we want you to send it back.

Not physically, of course. We know your pewter means a lot to you. That's why we want you to send us pictures of your favourite Aitkens pieces - the pewter goblets you got for your wedding anniversary. The First Christmas ornament your great aunt gave your daughter. The vase you bought when you moved to your new home, and the bowl you gave your dad when he retired. We want to see it all! And we want to hear your story.

Tell us about what makes your pewter yours. Send us the story of your favourite pendant, the clock you once dropped down the stairs, and the ornament you thought you lost in a move. Send us a picture, and a story, and you could win one of two Aitkens Pewter gift certificates valued at $50 or $100.

Ways To Enter:

  1. Send your photo and story to frederictonsales@aitkenspewter.com
  2. Post your entry to your own Facebook or Instagram page using our contest hashtag, #aitkens45. Make sure your post is public, and feel free to tag Aitkens Pewter.

Rules of Entry:

  • Entries will be featured on our Facebook page and will include your photo, story, and name. By entering you agree to allow Aitkens Pewter to publicly share this information within the bounds of this contest.
  • Entry text may be lightly edited for clarity. Images submitted will be resized and may be cropped for better focus.
  • One entry into the contest is worth one entry into a randomized draw to be held on October 2, 2017. Only one entry will be accepted per person. EXCEPTION: Early entries submitted before midnight on August 31, as invited through our e-mail newsletter, are worth two entries to the draw.
  • Two (2) separate winners will each win one (1) gift certificate valid only at Aitkens Pewter in Fredericton, NB. Winners not located in Fredericton will be able to redeem their prize through our website, www.aitkenspewter.com.
  • Current employees of Aitkens Pewter and their immediate family, while welcome to share their pictures and stories, are not eligible to win the draw.
August 31, 2017 by Aitkens Retail .
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