The Tree of Life

is a fixture in the myths of many cultures.  Bearing fruit of immortality, fertility, and knowledge, it connects our world with the underworld and the heavens.  It also connects humanity:  we are all branches of the same tree.


The tree is symbolic of a creative force - Aitkens Pewter have created ours with gnarled branches and fresh leaves, connected by the all-encompassing circle.

Available in our retail store or online as a pendant or brooch for $25.00, or earrings for $16.50.

Our Coins of Motivation are catching on, and selling fast. They make great gifts, especially for a young person starting university or heading off on a new adventure.

Coin of Inspiration - Eleanor Roosevelt

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Orphaned in 1894 at the age of nine, Eleanor Roosevelt is an unhappy child full of insecurity and self-doubt. At 15, she attends an English finishing school where the headmistress encourages her to believe in herself.

As First Lady from 1933 to 1945, Eleanor plays an active and outspoken role not only in American politics, but also in bringing about social change. Eleanor Roosevelt's words, like those of other remarkable individuals throughout history, give us insight, hope and encouragement.  

Carry this finely crafted Coin of Inspiration in your pocket or purse, and it will inspire you to meet the challenges of your day with confidence and determination.

Available for $10 at our Fredericton store and online here.

Coin of Perseverance - Winston Churchill

"Never, never, never give up."

It is late 1940 and early 1941 and bombs are falling on London and other British cities. Death and destruction are everywhere. Using words as steadfast and strong as the spirit of the British people, Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspires his nation to fight on and never give in to Hitler and the fascist scourge of Nazism. 

Churchill's words, like those of other remarkable individuals throughout history, give us insight, hope and encouragement.

Carry this finely crafted Coin of Perseverance in your pocket or purse, and it will inspire you to meet the challenges of your day with confidence and determination.

Available for $10 at our Fredericton store and online here.

We all have a story. What's yours?

Whether it's personal or corporate, let Canada's leading pewtersmith help you tell your story of purpose, history, hard work and achievement through a specially designed, handcrafted pewter ornament.

It's an innovative and classy way to say thank you, show your appreciation or raise awareness about your town or city, church, school or business.

Visit our Custom Shop and browse our custom-work book to see some of the items we've created over the last 4 decades.

Superb craftsmanship and quality service are the reasons why Aitkens Pewter is Canada's leading pewtersmith. They're also the reasons why you'll treasure your Story Told in Pewter.

We can customize the packaging and presentation of your ornament as well as its size and shape. In fact, we can make whatever you would like.

Call toll-free 1-800-567-4416 or send an e-mail to Martin Aitken at

Celebrate the joy and passion of your life. 

Crafted with Swarovksi Crystal, and the world's finest pewter, The Romance of Your Life Pendant and The Romance of Your Life Brooch inspire trust, respect and openness of spirit. These beautifully designed works of art are available at our Fredericton store and online.

Romance - it brings joy to the heart; passion to the emotions. It's that feeling we yearn for, the music we long to hear - the music of life - the beating of the human heart blending with the rhythms of the human spirit. Romance - it attracts us; brings us together; it helps us experience the beauty in all that surrounds us. It's that overwhelming swell of emotion - that spark of self-awareness - that awakens feelings deep inside.

Aitkens Pewter proudly presents, The Romance of Your Life pendant or brooch, a celebration of the joy and passion of your life.

Start collecting your Aitkens Pewter Nutcracker Ornaments today.

In 2012, Aitkens Pewter introduced The Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament, first in our series of highly crafted ornaments celebrating the Christmas classic: The Nutcracker. 

To order The Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament online click here

Along with the Sugar Plum Fairy, our 2013 Christmas offering, The Nutcracker Toymaker Ornament, is also in our Fredericton store.

To order The Toymaker Ornament online click here

The Nutcracker Toymaker Ornament

It's an enchanting Christmas Eve, and everyone at the party at the Stahlbaum house is in a festive mood, especially Clara and Fritz, the Stahlbaum children. They're laughing and dancing as they admire the most beautiful tree they've ever seen. When their godfather "Uncle Drosselmeyer" arrives, they squeal with delight. After all, he's the toymaker, and he's brought magical gifts for them.

In honour of the holiday season, Aitkens Pewter proudly presents The Nutcracker Toymaker Ornament. Inspired by Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, The Nutcracker, this beautifully crafted work of art celebrates not only the wonder and magic of Christmas, but also the power of our imagination, and its importance in making dreams come true.

The Nutcracker Toymaker Ornament - designed and crafted for people who never stop believing in the wonder and magic of Christmas and the value of letting their imagination run free.

Our brand new UNB Ornament is now at our Fredericton store, 408 Queen Street (506-453-9474). Call or drop by.

Founded in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is Canada's oldest English language university, and among the oldest public universities in North America. For more than 225 years, this respected national and international institution has been "opening the minds" of people from around the world. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick's capital city, UNB also has a campus in Saint John, the province's largest urban centre. Located "Up the Hill" UNB's Fredericton campus is considered one of the nation's most attractive university settings. In keeping with UNB's long history of pursuing excellence in education, research and innovation, Aitkens Pewter is pleased to offer this finely crafted ornament detailing five of the university's most architecturally significant buildings as well as its front gates, through which thousands of students pass each day following their dreams for a brighter future.

Order online

Our UNB Story Told in Pewter

And while you're at our Fredericton store, pick up your Music in the Trees Brooch.

Order this beautiful work of art online

As you wander around downtown Fredericton during the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, pay close attention; you just might hear the music the trees make.

Perhaps, during festivals past, as you've watched some of the world's finest jazz and blues musicians performing under the stars, you've looked up and noticed the swinging and swaying of tree branches far above. You may have assumed it was the cool, crisp September breeze causing them to move - but it's more than that; it's the trees responding to each note, each beat of the drum, with their own natural rhythms.

When the leaves rustle, that's the hymn of the universe you hear-the anthem of nature. It's the music the trees make as they celebrate the power of jazz, the poetry of the blues.

In celebration of the 2013 Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival,  all of us at Aitkens Pewter are proud to present our popular Music in the Trees Brooch at our Fredericton store, 408 Queen Street (506-453-9474).

Located in the heart of downtown, in the middle of all the jazz and blues action, our store has hundreds of great gift ideas including our  Musical Madness Pendant and Earrings.


Don't spread this around but this is a really cool Canada Day gift idea for the lobster lover in your life.

The Atlantic Lobster has long been a delicacy with people all over the world. The artwork used to create this elegant lobster spreader was created especially by Mark Preston for Aitkens Pewter. Its hand-satined finished has been approved by Mark and holds true to his craft.

The lobster is a symbol of cycles, regeneration and protection.

Our Atlantic Puffin Brooch is a great Canada Day gift idea too.

Based on Mark Preston's artwork, we have crafted this wonderful Atlantic Puffin Brooch, sure to please all fans of his previous work such as our Orca Whale Earrings and Eagle Pendant.

The Atlantic Puffin is the only Puffin species to be found in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is a pelagic bird that feeds primarily by diving for fish. It spends the winter at sea but returns to clifftop breeding colonies in the spring where it nests in a burrow, laying a single egg and bringing large quantities of small fish to its growing chick. Its most obvious characteristic during the breeding season is its brightly coloured bill. The curious appearance of the bird, with its large colourful bill, its striking piebald plumage and waddling gait, has given rise to nicknames such as "clown of the sea" and "sea parrot". The Atlantic Puffin is the provincial bird for the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here are some great gift ideas for dad on Father's Day

Let the battle of the brains begin! This great pewter chess set comes with a velvet bag to store all the game pieces and a folding board. A perfect desktop gift for the office or for any chess enthusiast. For more information, click here.

This Canadian military vehicle has served our country for many years and remains a vital part of Canadian history.  To honor the men and women who have served our country the craftspeople at Aitkens Pewter paid close attention to detail replicating the original Leopard Tank. For more information click here.

The Inukshuk (IN-OOK-SHOOK), meaning "in the image of man," were erected by the Inuit people and are unique to the Canadian Arctic. They endure as eternal symbols of leadership, friendship and remind us of our dependence upon one another.Built to point the safer way for those who followed, the Inukshuk guided people across the frozen land and gave them the strength to handle the hardships they encountered. For more information click here.

A glimpse into the past...the days of the cast iron, coal burning giants. Engine No.72 is a tribute to those times, making sure we never forget the hard-working men, woman and machines of the railway. For more information, click here