The Three Sisters Lamp Miniature


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In a city with so many secrets, it’s not surprising that no one really knows why Saint John, New Brunswick’s Trinity Lamp is called the Three Sisters. Many believe it was where three sisters waited patiently for their men to return from sea. If that’s true, the women’s names have been lost in the mists of time. Located in St. Patrick Park at the end of Prince William Street, the Three Sisters Lamp used to guide mariners into the bustling seaport. Erected in 1842, the first light was a single oil lamp. Seven years later, three red gas lamps replaced the single lamp. If the three red lamps appeared individually, mariners knew they were heading safely into the harbour. If only one or two could be seen, they knew they had to change course.



For more information on the "Three Sisters" please click this link: The Three Sisters

Size - 3" tall