Ever wonder what pewter looks like before it is turned into one of your family heirlooms, or how many steps it takes to make a candle snuffer?

Our newly constructed studio at 698 McLeod Avenue now gives you an up close and very personal view of what we do. Being able to interact with our craftspeople and browse our showroom is sure to delight all age groups.

Guests will have an opportunity to take in a 15 minute tour of our studio. The tour will include seeing firsthand how we make many of our pewter pieces. From casting molten pewter into rubber molds to spinning pewter discs into beautiful bowls, they will experience it all. Watching our skilled craftspeople hand polishing and buffing pewter is a visual treat that is sure to inspire.

Kyle explains our pewter casting processWalk-in tours Monday to Thursday, 11am or 3pm

Appointments available for groups larger than 10 - call Martin at (506) 453-9474

Washrooms and wheelchair accessible

Free, spacious parking lot