Glossary Terms 

Satin: A brushed, matte finish. This finish does not have a reflection and is relatively easy to clean compared to polish. Engraving looks the best on satin. 

Polish: A shiny, high polished finish - it is a popular finish that most people associate with pewter. Pewter is often times mistaken for silver when polished this way because it has a clear reflection. 

Fancy: Ripples or grooves made on items spun by hand. These ripples add interest to vases, bowls, creamers, wine buckets and more. Fancy refers to the texture on the piece, while polish or satin refers to the finish.  A fancy finish can be added to the entire piece, like the polished fancy juice goblet below, or to an accent band, like the satin fancy bowl. 

Plain: No ripples, texture or lines. The opposite of fancy. 

Two-Toned: A piece that has both satin and polished finishes. For example, the creamer below is satin on the bottom and polished with ripples at the top, making it two-toned fancy. The vase below has a polished band with satin top and bottom making it two-toned plain. 






Satin Fancy

Polish Fancy

Two Tone Fancy


Two Tone Plain