Our custom work comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. We made this guide to make sure you understand exactly what you're ordering.

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2D, Bas Relief, and 3D Art Styles

Before we start a piece, we need to know what sort of detail it will need - we refer to this as the "style".

2D Art Style
fire service pin custom pewter years of service pin
Department of Public Safety, 2011 [Satin Finish]

2D Art is done in lines - you can imitate 2D art using a pen and paper.

Bas-Relief Art Style

 Bas-Relief custom pewter ornament

Downtown Kingston, 2018 [Burnished Finish]

Bas-Relief Art is done in levels - look at the slopes and depths on the face of a coin. Bas-relief means "low depth".

3D Art (Figurines)

Aitkens Pewter, 2007 [Satin Finish]

3D Art is a design done from all angles. This style won't be appropriate for all projects.


Satin, Burnished, and Polished Finishes

Once the piece is made, we need to finish it by buffing, tumbling, or polishing the piece.


Aitkens Pewter, 2012 [Bas Relief Style]

A satin finished piece has the traditional look that is seen on classic pewter wares. It is buffed to a soft, matte finish and often darkened with carbon to emphasize details.

shiny pewter ornament custom pewter building ornament

Downtown Kingston, 2018 [Bas Relief Style]

A burnished piece has been tumbled to a shine. The surface of the piece is hardened by the burnishing process and becomes lightly resistant to scratches. A process called "antiquing" is often used to add a subtle darkness and bring out details.


silver polish pewter medallion custom work university of fredericton

University of Fredericton, 2018 [2D Style]

A piece that has been hand polished will shine so bright that it can be confused with silver! This time consuming process requires an extra charge, but the finished look is wonderful for awards. 


Additional Options

Looking to make your piece even more special? We have several options to take it that extra step.


Aitkens Pewter, 2017 [Bas Relief, Satin Finish]

An option that's particularly popular when we reproduce company logos, an enameled piece will be painted by hand with a coloured epoxy.

Added Crystal

pin with crystal swarovski crystal pewter pin

Atlantic Lottery Corporation, 2010 [2D Style, Satin Finish]

Adding crystals or gems to a piece is a beautiful way to add value. It's also a great option to differentiate between years of service pins.

Gold Plating

gold plated pewter lapel pin for paramedics association

Fredericton Paramedics Association, 2007 [Bas Relief]

We can have your pieces plated with gold, silver, or bronze. A striking option for awards.