Aitkens Pewter craftsmen employ the time-honoured metal-craft skills of casting and spinning. Products such as coasters, frames, jewelry and ornaments are cast from molten pewter, chased and finished. Hollowware — products such as mugs, goblets, vases and bowls — is spun on a lathe with the cast handles and stems carefully brazed into place. When each piece is completed, it’s polished by hand and carefully placed in its package.  All of our pewter products are lead-free and nickle-free - perfect for people that have allergic reactions to other types of jewelry.

50+ years of quality, craftsmanship and dedication — that’s what goes into every Aitkens Pewter creation. An uncompromising standard of excellence; that’s what’s behind every Aitkens Pewter touchmark — every Aitkens Pewter brand.