Fredericton Memory Box


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There’s a full moon over the Wolastoq tonight, which, as you walk along Queen Street in downtown Fredericton, you can barely see through the canopy of elms towering above you. Passing a pub you hear singing and laughter, the sounds of people enjoying life. On the sidewalk ahead, a young couple is holding hands as they look at the menu posted on the front window of a restaurant. Roaming the downtown of New Brunswick’s capital on this warm autumn evening, you understand why a century ago people called Fredericton the Celestial City. It’s a surrealistic, Brigadoon-like place, described most accurately as a park with a city in it. Listen carefully as you walk and you’ll discover, not only the music of the trees, but also the subtle rhythms of one of the world’s great rivers on its transcendent journey to the sea.


size: 3.5" x 2"