Inukshuk Ornament


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At this moment, somewhere in Canada, an Inukshuk (IN-OOK-SHOOK) is showing the way. For centuries, Inuit have been erecting stone markers as a way of providing direction across the Canadian Arctic’s barren landscape. In an environment where temperatures can reach minus 60°C, and freezing winds can howl and rage for days, Inukshuks can mean the difference between life and death. No wonder these “guideposts of life” also carry a strong spiritual connotation for the Inuit. In recent years, Inukshuks have become a powerful Canadian symbol recognized throughout the world. Aitkens Pewter is proud to present The Inukshuk Ornament, so finely crafted that when you look at it closely you can almost hear and feel those howling Arctic winds. Vision, leadership and strength — hallmarks not only of the Inuit people and their centuries of tradition but also of Canada itself.  



Size - 2"