Reversing Falls Ornament


SKU: SJ004

 What stories the seagulls tell--what sights they've seen from far above this rocky gorge, where, every day, the St. John River and the Bay of Fundy take centre stage in a three-act drama--high, slack and low tide--a performance like no other on earth. In the collision that takes place between the river and the world's highest and most powerful tides at high tide, waves and rapids as big as a house roar through the gorge. At slack tide, for 30 minutes or so every six hours, the current is calm and tranquil. 

Aitkens Pewter proudly presents The Reversing Falls Ornament. This skillfully designed and beautifully crafted work of art celebrates the remarkable gorge through which the St. John River rushes and the nine-metre tides of Fundy rise and fall.

The Reversing Falls Ornament, from Aitkens Pewter, designed and crafted for people who appreciate the power of nature, and the stories the seagulls tell.