Saint John General Hospital Ornament


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 Built in 1930 to replace the former General Public Hospital, the Saint John General Hospital was opened in October 1931. Accommodating 300 beds and built with the most modern technology, it was considered one of the most advanced medical facilities in North America. The original structure was eight stories in height surmounted by a centre tower which extended another three stories with a height at the top of the cupola of 143 feet. 

In 1957 the hospital was expanded and finally closed its doors in 1982. The hospital and its dome remained as a part of Saint John landscape until December 10, 1995. After years of neglect and misuse, the Saint John General Hospital was demolished and crumbled to the ground in 7 short seconds. The sole surviving piece of the Saint John General Hospital was its distinctive dome which was fashioned into the Millennium globe and now stands at the head of Garden Street.