Saint John Memory Box


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Saint John, New Brunswick. It’s a city with personality, character and plenty of seaport swagger. No wonder. Everything about it — its history, its geography, and its people, who’ve come here from every corner of the globe — is intriguing.

Even the seagulls that soar gracefully above this great port seem glad to be here.  Looking at this busy and sophisticated metropolis of around 150,000 people now, it’s hard to imagine what the rocky outcropping at the mouth of the St. John River would have looked like to Samuel de Champlain when he sailed up the Bay of Fundy in 1604. Or to the United Empire Loyalists, who first settled here in1784.

This finely crafted memory box celebrates Saint John’s architecturally rich downtown, its many fine shops and restaurants, and its strong, confident seaport swagger.

size: 3.5" x 2"