Fredericton York Street Train Station Ornament



You can almost hear the chuff, chuff sound of its boiler as Locomotive 2929 prepares to leave the station. With smoke and steam billowing from its stack, the train slowly begins to move.


It was Thursday, February 16th, 1956 — a winter day like any other — when the last steam locomotive to operate in passenger service on the CPR’s Fredericton branch line chugged out of Fredericton’s York Street Station. On the platform that day, people were coming and going — saying hello, saying goodbye. As the train rumbled past, a mother held her baby tightly.


Aitkens Pewter proudly presents The York Street Station Ornament. This skillfully designed and beautifully crafted work of art celebrates the romance of the Age of Steam and the role it played in Canada’s cultural history.


The York Street Station Ornament from Aitkens Pewter: designed and crafted for people who appreciate not only Canada’s cultural history, but also the romance of days long past.