Saint John Barbour Shop and Moose-Ornament - Site Specific


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The Museum is an authentic 19th century country general store and has been at its present location ,Market Square in Saint John New Brunswick, since 1981. The store is constructed of hand - hewn timber with hand carved shelves. On one side of the store the shelves are finished with a mixture of ox blood and goat's milk , giving a marbled finish . From Mid June to Mid September costumed staff are on hand to answere questions on the more than 2,000 artifacts and 300 "cure or kill - alls" that are on display there.

As you leave the store look ahead and slightly left as there stands the magnificent life size bronze moose that was given to the City of Saint John and its Citizens by Moosehead Breweries on September 4th 2003. Although the moose weighs almost 1000 lbs it is hollow - like a big chocolate Easter bunny - except for a can of Moosehead Larger that was put inside for good luck before the final weld was completed.


size: approx 2"