Barbour's General Store and Moose Ornament


SKU: SJ008

The Barbour's General Store, a museum, is an authentic preserved 19th century country general store and has been at its present location, Market Square in Uptown Saint John New Brunswick, since 1981. The store is constructed of hand-hewn timber with hand-carved shelves. On one side of the store the shelves are finished with a mixture of ox blood and goat's milk, giving a marbled finish. From Mid June to Mid September costumed staff are on hand to answer questions on the more than 2,000 artifacts and 300 "cure or kill-alls" that are on display there.

Nearby stands a life size bronze moose that was gifted to the City of Saint John and its citizens by Moosehead Breweries. Although the moose weighs almost 1000 lbs it is hollow - like a big chocolate Easter bunny - except for a can of Moosehead Lager that was put inside for good luck before the final weld was completed.


size: approx 2"