Wintertime in Officers Square Ornament



So much history has unfolded in Officers Square in downtown Fredericton, it, along with other parts of the city’s Historic Garrison District, is designated a National Historic Site. Garrisoned by the British Army from 1785 to 1869, and the Canadian Army from 1883 to 1914, the Square was the city’s centre of military and social activityOn February 14, 1813, as they were preparing to march from Fredericton to Kingston to fight in the War of 1812, the officers and enlisted men of the 104th Regiment of Foot — The New Brunswick Regiment — gathered in the Square to listen to the regimental band play a goodbye song called The Girls We Leave Behind Us. 

Some Frederictonians say that on cold winter nights as they glide across the surface of the Officers Square skating rinkthey can hear the muffled sound of those distant notes.

Size - 2"