a black background is covered with red silk flower petals. a pewter heart pendant is inside a box of chocolates and a pair of pewter earrings is beside a red lipstick. text reads "perfect pewter paitings for all your plans this valentines day"

Pewter Pairings For Your Perfect Date Night

What are you doing this Valentine's Day? Whether you've planned a big night out or a calm night in, we have just the thing...

5. Netflix & Tumble

Our stemless pewter wine tumbler will keep your wine at the perfect temperature while you kick back and catch up on Riverdale. Plus, the sturdy design means the cat will have at least a little trouble knocking it over.

4. Dancing In The Dark

If you're going out you know you need bold colours to stand out in the dim lights. Our Allure collection, especially the earrings, is elegant and eye catching. Get them in your favourite colour to really show off your personality.

3. A Small and Simple Gift

Though you could fit just about any piece of jewelry into a box of valentine chocolates, we're not sure the Whale Tail Pendant is quite the one to say "I Love You." Our recently married manager, Michelle, says the Embracing Heart Pendant (as pictured above) is the real heart stealer.

2. An Elegant Dinner

Nothing says romance quite like candlelight. Though our new Shell Votive has been making waves, the Queen Ann Candleholder is an elegant addition to any table.

1. Flowers For Your Sweetheart

Maybe you're starting the day with breakfast in bed, or maybe you're just bringing home a bouquet after work. Either way, our Sweetheart Vase is the perfect home for your honey's flowers.

There you have it folks. Five great pewter pieces to fit your plans, be it this Valentine's Day or any special night of the year.

a wooden tray shows a breakfast bagel on a pewter plate beside a glass mug of tea. a pewter vase holds yellow flowers

February 08, 2018 by Aitkens Retail .