Halifax Town Clock Miniature


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Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, was a stickler for detail. Based in Halifax from 1794 to 1800, the commander-in-chief of all military forces in British North America insisted that his troops be disciplined and punctual.


Before his return to England in 1800, the Prince arranged to have a clock built to ensure that everyone at the Halifax Garrison would know the exact time. On October 20, 1803, the Halifax Town Clock began marking time.


The clock, a three-tier octagon tower set atop a Palladian-style building, still has the mechanism that was crafted by the House of Vulliamy a famous family of royal clockmakers based in London. Wound twice a week, it continues to ensure that the citizens of Halifax know the exact time so they can be “disciplined and punctual.”


The Halifax Town Clock Miniature is so beautifully designed and skillfully crafted, Prince Edward himself would have been impressed.


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Size - 2.5" x 2"